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Designer Creates 8-Bit Pixel Clothing

Pixelated art is always a nice treat. It's a gentle reminder of the beginnings of our very favorite video games and how much the industry has evolved since then. Apparently Japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga is also a pretty big fan of the nostalgia generated from pixelated things. Dubbed the Anrealage fashion line, Morinaga's latest creations draw inspiration from 8-bit awesomeness to create some of the most unusual pieces of clothing we have ever seen.

In addition to pixelated jackets, dresses, sweaters and slacks, Morinaga also created some very interesting pixel heels to complete the outfits. Since we're guessing most people aren't going to be too eager to walk around in 8-bit clothing, the other aspect of the Anrealage collection can be a bit more attractive. Morinaga also created a collection of pixelated objects that would turn any home into a geek's paradise.

Blocky armchairs, coffee tables and pixel light fixtures are only a couple of examples from this incredible collection. Unfortunately there hasn't been any info on whether or not any of the collection will go on sale, but we're guessing they wouldn't exactly be cheap either. Head on over to the Andrealage page or KoiKoiKoi to see more of Morinaga's work.