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Relive Twilight: Eclipse in 8-Bit Glory

Yes, we never saw ourselves writing about anything related to that damned (pun intended) Twilight franchise. But as Youtube-driven games go, the 8-Bit Twilight Eclipse Interactive was too good to pass up.

Visit this Youtube video to find yourself as Bella Swan, the protagonists with decisions to make (keep Annotations on). Will you play baseball with Edward, or flirt with Jacob as he builds a motorbike? Choose carefully, lest you find yourself—or a loved one—dead.

Like the actual Twilight movies, the interactive Twilight game has encountered its share of drama. It went up last June 29, but got hit with a DMCA takedown order from the movie's studio, Summit Entertainment. Luckily however a few concerned parties got in touch with Summit afterwards, letting them know about the game's awesomeness (and marketing potential). The game went back up yesterday evening.

So it's all good! For fans of sparkling vampires, at least.