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10 Real 3D Printing Projects

Solar Sinter

When you watch this video, and get past the cute, tongue-in-cheek set up, you’ll start to “feel the future” in what Markus Kayser’s team has put together—even if its shot, literally, in the middle of nowhere. Kayser has designed a 3D printer that is, more or less, completely self-sufficient. The power is wrought from photovoltaic cells and refocused beams of light for melting. The materials are drawn entirely from the rather abundant sand around him.

Though the two demonstrations are a crude, modern art-looking sculpture and a very rough bowl, one can sense how with refinement, this set-up could eventually be used to yield tools for those in very distant corners of the globe. Though, Kayser is clear that he’s not directing any particular line of thinking with the project, just providing a thought pill.

“Solar-sintering aims to raise questions about the future of manufacturing and trigger dreams of the full utilization of the production potential of the world’s most efficient energy resource - the sun,” says Kayser’s Vimeo page. “Whilst not providing definitive answers this experiment aims to provide a point of departure for fresh thinking.”