iModela 3D Printer Creates Figurines, Costs Under $1000

If you've ever fantasized about creating your own colorful, three-dimensional figurines, the iModela 3D Printer might be the perfect toy! Nowadays, 3D printers are becoming increasingly advanced and common. While the iModela isn't exactly the first we've seen of its type, it is definitely the cheapest we've seen.

iModela USB 3D Printer

With a price tag hovering at around $977, iModela certainly isn't the cheapest gadget, but in the world of 3D printing, the price pales in comparison to some of its bulky competitors. Another great feature of this printer is its ability to create objects from several different materials such as wax, foam, balsa wood and plastic.

Users simply have to plug the USB device into their computer, choose from a collection of original 3D models and the printer takes care of the rest. For the more creative folk, iModela also comes with software that allows users to design their own models as well as download models from the internet. There might not be too many people out there willing to pay $1000 for a printer, but for those that can afford it, the iModela definitely looks like a lot of fun.

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