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Over 100 PS Vita Titles Coming in 2013

The Vita's release slate has been quite paltry since its release in February last year. Since the handheld has been rather slow to cinch developers and move numbers at retail, naysayers were certain that the Vita would be another dud handheld.

Like the 3DS, a price drop did the Vita some good and helped revitalize the Vita's sales figures to the point that it's managed to scrape by the 3DS in sales.

Moving forward from 2013, Sony's plan for moving units is to do the only thing it can: bring more software on board. PlayStation’s Director of Product Planning and Platform Software Innovation Don Mesa revealed to IGN in an interview that Sony's got over 100 titles in the pipeline for just this year. One of these titles is Telltale's award-winning point-and-click The Walking Dead. Others include Hotline Miami, Thomas Was Alone, and Frozen Synapse. While Sony is definitely playing the indie angle for the Vita, there will be AAA releases coming too.

Mesa then went on to reveal some of the Vita's stats. Apparently, a third of the content sold for Vita is done digitally through the PlayStation Store. In a survey Sony conducted on Vita users, 90% of Vita users use it on a regular basis, that is to say at least once a week, and the average usage for those that took the survey is 18.7 hours a week.

Impressive figures and upcoming titles aside, will it be enough to make the PS Vita a success? The same strategy worked for the 3DS, but can Sony deliver as good or better titles? It'll take plenty for the company to turn the Vita's fortunes around. Bringing indie developers on board is just the first step.

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