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You Can Now Pre-Order ZTE's $199 Eye-Tracking Phone

ZTE's crowd-sourced smartphone has a name, a final design, and a preorder price tag. Now we're just waiting to hear what its final specs will be.

At CES, the phone maker announced that the developed developed as part of its Project CSX crowd-sourcing initiative will be known as Hawkeye when it arrives in third quarter of 2017. The winning name was picked from 540 submissions.

ZTE launched the CSX project at last year's CES, challenging customers to guide it through the phone design process. Last October, the company revealed that the wisdom of crowds had settled on an eye-tracking phone with a self-adhesive back. Basically, you'll be able to stick Hawkeye to flat surfaces likes a wall and use your eyes to navigate by looking up, down, left or right to scroll or swipe. Those are features that can come in handy when you need to keep your hands free, such as when you're cooking but still want to scroll through a recipe.

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If eye-tracking capabilities and an adhesive back sound appealing, you also now know how much you'll pay for the crowd-sourced Hawkeye. Place a pre-order on Kickstarter, and you can have the phone for $199. That's a discount off of what the final price of Hawkeye will be, ZTE says.

We also have a better sense of what the 5.5-inch phone will look like when it debuts after ZTE revealed the design of the forthcoming phone. One model is a sleek jet black, while the mint green version features a textured back. Both models sport fingerprint sensors on the rear.

Other than that, ZTE is keeping a tight lid on what kind of specs will power its Hawkeye phone, including the CPU and the battery. (A company rep told us the phone would feature a "great battery," for what that's worth.) From previous announcements about the phone, we do know that two laser-focusing cameras mounted on the top and bottom of the device will handle eye-movement capturing.

The relatively low pre-order price tag may appeal to users who are intrigued by the idea of a phone they can navigate with their eyes. We still hope to find out more about ZTE's Hawkeye by the time the phone debuts later in 2017.