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Xiaomi CC9 Selfie Camera vs. iPhone XS: It’s No Contest

The battle for the best smartphone camera could be in for a shake-up, especially when it comes to low-light photography.

Check out this video comparing the low light performance of the new Xiaomi CC9 with what the front camera on the iPhone XS produces. If I were the selfie type, I have no doubt which phone I would pick. The new CC obliterates the XS, hands down.

Picked up by Spanish Xiaomi fan site, the video was taken by Cici Wei — the CEO of the new Xiaomi CC line. You can see the difference in both photos below (iPhone XS on the left and Xiaomi CC9 Meitu Custom Edition on the right).

Credit: Xiaomi

(Image credit: Xiaomi)

According to Xiaomiadictos, Xiaomi's phone uses a photo processing technology from Meitu, a Chinese developer specialized in photo beautification. The new mode is called Meitu Beauty for Selfie, and Wei claims it has been designed to give you image clarity on dark environments. The company hasn’t disclosed if this is purely a software-based night mode — as Google does with its Pixel phones — or if the CC9 uses special sensors placed on phone’s notch.

The Xiaomi CC9 — which officially will be announced tomorrow (July 9) — is reportedly an updated version of the Xiaomi Mi 9, with better photo-taking capabilities. It will come in three flavors: this Meitu Custom Edition for $400, a low-cost Xiaomi CC9e with a Snapdragon 710 processor (no price announced yet), and a base Xiaomi CC9 that will use a Snapdragon 855 for $365. While this phone is unlikely to make it to the U.S., it could push other phone makers to step up their game when it comes to low-light photos.