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Xiaomi AirDots Pro Could Challenge AirPods

Chinese smartphone and accessory maker Xiaomi is close to unveiling new wireless earbuds that look nearly identical to Apple's AirPods.

Credit: Xiaomi

(Image credit: Xiaomi)

Dubbed AirDots Pro, the new earbuds come with designs nearly identical to the AirPods, including a Bluetooth-friendly carrying case that doubles as a charger to keep the AirDots charged. The AirDots themselves have a white finish and connect wirelessly to your phone. According to MacRumors, which earlier reported on the AirDots Pro, they come with four hours of battery life out of the box, and the case adds another 10 hours of charge.

Xiaomi is expected to host a press event on Jan. 11. The company will likely unveil the AirDots Pro there and provide details on availability.

Xiaomi has long been criticized for making devices that look somewhat similar to those offered by Apple and others. Xiaomi has claimed that its designs are actually better than those offered by Apple. The company has never said that it takes cues from Apple's designs specifically, and instead designs products on its own with no concern for other companies.

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Indeed, some boosters could argue that the Xiaomi earbuds deliver some improvements over what you could get from Apple's AirPods. For instance, they come with silicone tips that should improve sound isolation. And with active noise canceling built-in, you should enjoy a solid audio experience all around.

Arguably the most important AirDots Pro feature, however, is its price. At 399 yuan ($60), they'll be significantly cheaper than the $159 AirPods, despite offering the same features and similar design.

The AirDots Pro come just a couple of months after Xiaomi unveiled the AirDots. Those earbuds are smaller than the AirDots Pro and AirPods ,and don't come with a stem at the bottom. They're also cheaper at about 199 yuan ($30).

  • ghost845
    are these ear buds available for test/ purchasing in CES 2019? When will they be available in the US to buy?