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Video Tuner is Like a Free iMovie for Windows Phone

If you have a Windows Phone device and want to fix up the videos you shoot, Microsoft is ready to help with a new, free video-editing app called Video Tuner. Available today (July 9) in the Windows app store, Video Tuner lets you adjust the length and look of clips on your Windows Phone 8.1 device.

Video Tuner offers some very basic tools such as trimming, cropping, flipping and rotating your movies, but it also carries some less-common goodies such as speed change (slowing down and speeding up), adding music and adjusting volume. You can also fix exposure, contrast and saturation levels and apply Instagram-like filters to your video. Video Tuner goes well beyond Movie Moments — an app that comes pre-installed in new Windows 8.1 devices and provides only limited functions such as selecting a 60-second clip from a file and adding captions, templates and music.

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After you've finished editing your masterpiece with Video Tuner, you can export it in a variety of formats (such as small, medium or large) and share to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter Vine, Instagram and other connected accounts.

While there are already other full-featured video editing apps for Windows Phone 8.1, such as Video Editor 8.1 ($1.49) and Movie Maker 8.1 ($0.99), Microsoft's latest offering packs most of the same features for free.

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  • alextheblue
    I think it's only available for WP 8.1. So if you're still on 8.0, you'll have to wait for your manufacturer and/or carrier to roll out the 8.1 update for your device. Well, I mean technically there's another way to get 8.1 sooner but most people aren't going to go that route.