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Verizon Data Plans Just Got More Affordable

Good news for data sharks everywhere (not just left sharks). Verizon today (Feb. 4th) announced major changes to its More Everything plans, offering more bandwidth and options, as well as discounts.

Starting tomorrow, Verizon is adding 1GB to each of its existing 1-3GB data packages, which cost $40 to $60 a month. This means you can get a 2GB plan for $40 a month instead of $50, 3GB for $50 instead of $60 and 4GB for $60 instead of $70. The carrier also added a new 6GB plan for $70 a month.

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With the new pricing, you can now get two smartphones with 6GB of data to share for $100 a month. While that's not as appealing as T-Mobile's deal that lets four lines share 10GB for $100 a month, it's an appealing option for Verizon customers. Verizon also offers a single line plan with 1GB of data for $45 a month, and a 4-line plan with 10GB allowance, for $140 a month.

The wireless provider also added new 12GB, 14GB and 16GB options to its More Everything plans. Before, Verizon only offered 10GB, 15GB, 20GB, 30GB and 40GB (in 10GB increments up to 100GB) caps beyond the 4GB tier.

Those who are on 6GB or higher plans qualify for a $25 discount on their access fees, meaning they can add new devices to their plan for $15 per line (instead of $40). This pricing is available for an undisclosed limited time. The same discount is already available to More Everything customers who get their handsets on Verizon's installment-payment program Edge.

In addition, customers who bring their numbers from other carriers and get a device via Edge also get an additional one-time $100 bill credit per line.

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Cherlynn Low

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  • g00b
    "T-Mobile's deal that lets four lines share 10GB for $100 a month" ... not quite true. It is 2.5 GB per line until start of 2016. That is PER line allotment, no sharing.
  • Dan414
    I just looked at my verizon page. Our 10GB per month @ $80 shared plan is no longer available. Now, the tiers are 6GB @ $70, 8GB @ $85, and 10GB @ $100.

    Which is all strange because it was only a few months ago that they upgraded us from 6GB @ $80. I guess they were trying to keep us at the $80 plan instead of just discounting us to $70.