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Watch Tom's Guide Game for Charity on #TakeThisStream

The holidays have come and gone, and hopefully you came away with a few good gifts. However, receiving is only one half of the holiday equation, and if you're looking to give something back, Tom's Guide has the perfect way to do it: the Take This charity stream. Not only can you watch 48 hours of straight games from some of your favorite Internet personalities, but you can also donate some money for a chance to win incredible gaming swag.

It's dangerous to stream alone | Photo Credit: Take This

(Image credit: It's dangerous to stream alone | Photo Credit: Take This)

The #TakeThisStream is currently underway, broadcasting for two days (Dec. 28 and 29) nonstop in order to raise money for its parent organization. Take This is a nonprofit charity that helps gamers confront mental health issues and reduce the societal stigma surrounding those issues. This year, the organization is attempting to raise $30,000 for the Take This Scholarship fund. The money will go to people living with mental illness who cannot otherwise afford treatment.

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Tom's Guide will be joining the fun at 8 a.m. ET, Dec. 29 with a full hour of Mad Max (2015) on PlayStation 4. For those who haven't played it yet, Mad Max is a thoroughly decent open-world game with the same exciting car combat, brutal bloodletting and weird characters that made the four Mad Max movies into instant classics. Since the title debuted on the same day as Metal Gear Solid V, many gamers haven't had a chance to witness Mad Max firsthand.

The #TakeThisStream also features some of gaming's favorite faces, including Susan Arendt from GamesRadar; Ken Levine, developer of BioShock; Justin McElroy from Polygon; and Dan Amrich from Ubisoft. There's a full list available at Tiltify, the fundraising site facilitating the stream.

Donations don't have to be purely out of the kindness of your heart, either. Each donation enters you into a raffle for fantastic prizes, from a pair of weekend passes to PAX South, to a life-size replica of the Claptrap robot from Borderlands, to a customized Xbox One made to look like a Pip-Boy from Fallout.

To watch, simply check out the Take This channel on Twitch, and to donate, simply follow the instructions once you get there. As Take This points out, it's dangerous to stream alone.