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No Pizza for You! T-Mobile Forced to Ditch Free Dominos

We can argue whether or not there's no such thing as a free lunch, but one thing's for certain: There are clearly limits to just how much free pizza a wireless carrier can provide its subscribers.

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T-Mobile is being forced to reshuffle its T-Mobile Tuesday giveaways after hungry subscribers flooded to Domino's to claim their free grub. Launched two weeks ago, T-Mobile Tuesdays features weekly freebies for customers who download the carrier's app. Along with free pizzas, T-Mobile subscribers could also claim a free frosty from Wendy's and a free movie rental from Vudu, along with an ever-changing weekly prize.

Hungry T-Mobile customers proved too much for Domino's to handle, though. T-Mobile CEO John Legere says the pizza maker was getting three to four times the customers it normally saw during the two weeks of free pizzas. So Domino's is dropping out of the promotion.

"The Domino's piece was too much, too fast, too big a volume," Legere said in a Periscope video explaining the change. "They have to get out for their own reasons."

Domino's confirmed the move in an e-mail exchange with Tom's Guide. "The T-Mobile promotion generated an overwhelming response," Tim McIntyre, executive vice president of communications, told us. "We are happy so many of their customers love Domino's. The demand was significantly above what we agreed to in advance, which resulted in an understandably disappointing customer experience for some."

In fact, Android Police reported that some of Domino's stores were maxing out on the number of free pizzas they had slated for the giveaway. That meant a number of T-Mobile customers walking away empty-handed.

McIntyre added that Domino's is "re-examining the future of this promotion." In the meantime, the next T-Mobile Tuesday will instead feature a $15 credit for rides on Lyft as well as a giveaway from Major League Baseball. The free Frosty and movie rental will remain, too.

T-Mobile is choosing to focus on the positive here: The T-Mobile Tuesday apps has been downloaded 2 million times, Legere said, and the heavy demand for Domino's suggests that subscribers are more than willing to take the carrier up on its offer of free stuff. (Either that, or we just have an insatiable appetite for free pizza.) Some of the initial stumbles with T-Mobile Tuesdays may cause some grumbling among subscribers, but the company is betting the promotion will still help it stand out as a customer-friendly alternative to other wireless carriers.