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TiVo Mega Stores More Than You'll Ever Need

If the history of computing has shown us anything, it's that more storage space is never a bad thing. Even so, it's hard to figure out exactly how you could ever hope to fill up the TiVo Mega DVR, which boasts a whopping 24TB hard drive — enough for almost 6 months of HD programming or almost 3 years of SD stuff.

The information comes from a TiVo press release, which details the company's plans to demo the product at CEDIA Expo 2014 in Denver later this week. The Mega functions more or less like TiVo's other DVR boxes, save for its massive storage space and six tuners, which allow users to record up to six simultaneous programs.

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TiVo boasts that the product can record about 4,000 hours of HD video. If this number sounds excessive, that's because, at present, it is. To watch the entirety of The Simpsons, for example, would take 276 hours, meaning you could record the full run of the series 14 times and still have enough space left over for Bryan Fuller's canon (the tragically short-lived Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies).

Ira Bahr, TiVo's CMO, claims that the huge hard drive is there so that people won't ever have to delete content they've recorded. In practice, it would function like a DVD collection does: a permanent way to access your favorite shows and movies (albeit with commercials). However, the device could also be a form of future-proofing: When 4K content goes mainstream, it will need much more space to store.

Otherwise, the TiVo Mega will function like any other DVR box from the company, including an integrated search feature, the ability to stream content to mobile devices and access to streaming services like Netflix. The Mega will release in early 2015 and cost approximately $5,000 with a lifetime TiVo subscription included.

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