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What We Want to See in Tesla's 'Masterplan'

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk suggested via a tweet that this week will see the release of a "top secret Tesla masterplan," which both sounds super exciting and makes Musk seem even more like a 'James Bond' villain than usual.

Credit: Tesla

(Image credit: Tesla)

This comes in the wake of the investigation into a crash involving a Tesla on autopilot careening into a tractor-trailer. If anything, the timing may be some distracting PR.

Nonetheless, mysterious announcements coming out of Tesla are still enticing, and we have some guesses as to what the next part of Musk's masterplan may be.

New Safety Features

This would make the most sense following the investigations. The future of cars should include next-generation standards, including safer airbags if autopilot is to fail. We'd also like to see upgrades to seatbelts and emergency lights that make it easy to understand what the problem with your car is.

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Cars for the Middle Class

There's no Tesla in the $30,000 - $60,000 price range, so right now Tesla's futuristic vehicles can't be had unless you have a lot of disposable income. Creating electric cars for all consumers would create a huge push for renewable resources as the primary way to power our vehicles, which could in turn lead to even more innovation in the space.

New Forms

There are a few four-door sedans in Tesla's lineup, but how about station wagons, thumb-shaped smart cars and maybe even more efficient pickup trucks? A wider variety of vehicle forms may attract drivers who didn't want a sedan. Make something to attract parents, families, people who need big trunks and fathers going through mid-life crises, and you've got yourself a lineup for everyone.

What do you want to see in Musk's "masterplan" for Tesla? Let us know in the comments.

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