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Super Mario Run Coming to iPhone This Holiday

Super Mario is finally on the iPhone. Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto joined Apple CEO Tim Cook on stage to announce Super Mario Run, an endless runner that will be available on iOS this holiday for a set price (which has not been announced).

The game has players tap to jump while avoiding obstacles in the Mushroom Kingdom. Later levels will be more difficult and include blocks that change Mario's timing and direction. The game will also include a one-handed mode which is perfect for playing Super Mario Run on the go.

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A new battle mode called "Toad Rally" allows users to choose opponents in an attempt to beat their high scores, and set scores to compete with players around the world. Toads that you gather will become a part of your own personal Mushroom Kingdom.

If the game isn't enough for Nintendo fans on iOS, Mario-themed stickers will be coming to iMessage with the update to iOS 10.

This isn't Nintendo's first stab at mobile gaming -- Nintendo released Miitomo on the App Store early this year, but it had a lukewarm reception. Pokémon Go was far more popular, but was produced by Niantic and The Pokémon Company, not Nintendo. It's not surprising to see Mario come to the iPhone (and presumably Android later on), but seeing Miyamoto on Apple's stage was certainly unexpected.