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SteelSeries New Headset Lineup Brings The LED

SteelSeries suffered some less-than-fantastic reviews last year with the release of the SteelSeries Elite headset. However, the company has licked its wounds, taken the criticism to heart and is back with a redesign that brings back the beloved mic from its v2 series while adding more comfortable earpads.  Rechristened as the Siberia Elite Prism, the $200 headset is available for pre-order now.

The Elite isn't the only SteelSeries headset getting a refresh. The Siberia v2 is being put out in the cold to make way for the $100 Siberia v3, which promises improved audio space compared to its predecessor. 

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Gamers that are interested in the pretty colors of the Elite Prism, but are reluctant to spend $200, can look to the new $140 Siberia v3 Prism. The headset blends the v3's sound, affordable plastic body and cool lighting effects with the SteelSeries Engine compatibility found in the Elite Prism.

For those looking for an even lower price tag, SteelSeries has announced the Siberia Raw Prism. While it doesn't have the cool lights or suspended headphone designs found in the other headsets, it costs just $70, which is a great entry level price for a headset that will work on any PC, Mac or PS4.