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Spotify and Hulu Team Up For $13 All You-Can-Stream Subscription

Spotify and Hulu first combined forces last year to offer a discounted streaming package to college students. Now the streaming music and TV companies are bringing that bundle to everyone, because even those of us who have been out of school for, ahem, awhile, want to stream Cardi B and “The Handmaid’s Tale” on the cheap.

Credit: George Dolgikh/Shutterstock

(Image credit: George Dolgikh/Shutterstock)

To save money on Hulu, you have to sign up for Spotify’s $9.99-a-month premium subscription. Then you can add Hulu’s ad-supported service, which is normally $8 per month, to your Spotify membership for just $3.

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If you’re new to Hulu or canceled your account more than a year ago, you can add a three-month Hulu trial to your Spotify account for $1 a month before upgrading to the regularly priced bundle. This summer, Spotify and Hulu will open up the new package to anyone who wants it, according to CNET.

Spotify + Hulu for Premium MembersView Deal

Students still get an even deeper discount — it’s just $5 for both Spotify Premium and Hulu with ads.

The move could woo people away from Apple Music, which is wading into original TV programming but doesn’t offer established shows people want to binge-watch. The addition of Hulu could also convince Spotify listeners who are hanging on to the free, ad-supported tier to upgrade. Spotify now has 71 million paid subscribers, but 86 million more still pay nothing for the service. Hulu sweetens the deal.

According to Bloomberg, Spotify is expected to revamp its free tier and make it easier to use on smartphones. The company is holding a media event in New York on April 24, though it’s unclear if that announcement will focus on Spotify’s app or hardware, such as a long-rumored speaker.