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Spark Makes Email Easier Than Texting

As the convenience of texting has taken over our phones, email has fallen to the wayside. The new free Spark app from Readdle Inc. plans to change that by making email easier to use on our iPhones, as well as on the Apple Watch.

Spark’s approach to revitalizing email is through organization and quick gratification. It borrows attributes from social media and texting to improve how we email.

With a clean design, Spark’s inbox automatically categorizes emails into personal, newsletter, and notification boxes. It can tell when an email is from a real person, and places that first for you to read. 

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As with many texting apps, Spark sends you smart notifications, but only when you receive an important email. Unlike with texts, you can choose to pin emails and bring them to the top of your inbox if you want to save something that is really important.

The new app also applies some social media trademarks with a twist -- you can quickly send a “like,” “thanks,” or happy face to reply to any email. 

For those with rushed days, the app has a “Read Receipts” feature which notifies you when your emails have been read. Spark also lets you save your emails as PDFs, and add event invites to your iPhone’s calendar.  

If you love the new Apple Watch, you can access your email on your wrist through Spark. The app gives your wrist a little tap when you receive an important email, and you can choose to send a quick reply or dictate a full response. If you have a long email though, you might still want to read the full message on your phone.      

Some of the unique features of the app include: deleting mass emails, choosing between your different signatures and the ability to add widgets. Sending attachments is easy,since Spark lets you use iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and others to send and save documents, videos, and photos.

Spark can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store. With all of it's neat features, you just might put away your current email app for good. 

 Ilyse Liffreing is an intern at Tom’s Guide. She will be receiving her MA from NYU. You can follow Ilyse on Twitter @IlyseLiffreing or on Facebook.