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Sesame Opens Homes with Instant Smart Lock

Just because you live in an apartment or in an historic property doesn't mean you can't enjoy the convenience of connected smart-home technology. Sesame's first instant smart lock installs in seconds over existing deadbolts to bring 18th-century tech into the modern world.

The Sesame comes in two packages: An $89 standalone smart lock featuring local connectivity via Bluetooth, and a $139 smart lock with a Wi-Fi access point that plugs into a nearby outlet so you connect the Sesame to the Internet and control it using its custom smartphone app.

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The "instant" aspect comes from Sesame's use of a single strip of 3M command tape to secure its housing over your current deadbolt. The super sticky tape comes applied to the top of the lock, and after removing the backing, fits over the deadbolt and attaches to the door with a strong but non-destructive grip. Now your deadbolt is connected to your phone without ever needing tools or new hardware.

Sesame maker Candy House promises that its smart lock will work with almost every deadbolt found in the United States, Canada or Australia. Powered by a lithium battery, the lock should last around 500 days on a single charge, the company says.

The real value of the Sesame comes when the lock is paired with the Wi-Fi access point and its smartphone app. Using the app, owners can set a custom knock pattern to unlock their doors, let guests in remotely and send notifications every time your door is opened or closed. It will even create of log of events, so you know when and how often people are coming and going from your home.

Candy House is hoping to ship the Sesame in May 2015 in four colors: black, while, silver and pink, and will be taking pre-orders from its Kickstarter page.

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