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Sennheiser Urbanite Headphones Play for Young Ears

BERLIN - There's something to be said for knowing your target audience, and audio manufacturer Sennheiser seems to have a pretty good grasp on its customers. The Urbanite headphones, its latest creation, are large, comfortable, colorful and designed specifically for audiophiles between the ages of 18 and 30.

I got a chance to listen to the Urbanite headphones myself at IFA 2014, just after they were first announced, and after I'd heard two songs, I was already thinking about trading in my set of Sennheiser HD 25-1 IIs. The Urbanites are durable, portable and attractive, but more importantly, they're amazingly comfortable and sound great.

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During Sennheiser's keynote address at IFA 2014, company CEOs Andreas and Daniel Sennheiser discussed the Urbanites, explaining that they were designed with a young audience in mind. The music favored by the 18 to 30 demographic needs the bass to be a bit stronger than most other genres, and twenty-somethings need a headset that they can stash in their bags without damaging it.

Since the Urbanites can fold up into a compact form and the headband connecting the two earphones can twist every which way, surviving a daily commute in a backpack should not pose a problem for the device. They also come with a wire that has a microphone for users who want to take and make phone calls.

The heavier bass is a little more subtle, but I definitely heard a wider range of sound on both my Old Crow Medicine Show album and Handel's Messiah. Sennheiser let guests plug their own smartphones into the headphones, reasoning that it would be more useful to test the gadget with a potential customer's favorite music rather than a preselected song they might hate.

The Urbanites cost $200 and will ship within the next few weeks. Even though Sennheiser is targeting millennials, this headset could be well worth a look from anyone who needs high-quality sound from a device that doesn't break easily.

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