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Save 40 Percent on This Alexa-Friendly Smart Plug

The TP-Link Smart Plug Mini is the coolest gadget you've never heard of. This three-prong plug connects to any standard wall outlet and can instantly give Amazon's digital assistant, Alexa, full reign over your lights, HDTV, or other electronic equipment. In essence, it turns any "dumb" device into one that you can be voice controlled, all without the need for a separate smart home hub.

TP-Link Smart Plug MiniView Deal

The $50 plug is currently on sale for $34.99 and for a limited time Amazon is stacking a $5 coupon that lowers the price to $29.99. That's 40 percent off and the lowest price we've ever seen for this smart plug, which happens to be a top seller on Amazon.

Once set up, you can control your device via voice or use the accompanying Kasa app (iOS and Android) to control your device remotely from anywhere you have Internet access. Alternatively, you can purchase multiple smart plugs and create groups — such as kitchen devices or living room devices — for even greater control of your home devices.

We especially like that the Smart Plug Mini only takes up one power outlet, unlike other smart plugs which can take up two spaces. Just remember to click the $5 coupon before making your purchase.