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Samsung TV 2018 Settings Guide: What to Enable, Disable and Tweak

How to Change Ambient Mode Settings on 2018 Samsung TVs

Ambient Mode can be customized with simple settings:

1. Open Ambient Settings. In Ambient Mode, press the Ambient button a second time to select different artwork, set a new mode or adjust the settings.

2. Adjust the brightness and color. Settings include brightness and color adjustment that are separate from the regular picture settings. Because this is a distinct low-power mode, adjusting picture settings for the smart TV won't alter Ambient settings, and vice versa. Obviously, adjusting the brightness and other settings will change the overall power usage of Ambient Mode.

3. Change the colors, or go custom. You can also change the background color for any Ambient Mode screen or select a background image, such as wood or brick. Using the Samsung SmartThings app, you can also take a picture of the wall the TV hangs on, and it will offer a background that makes the TV look almost transparent.

Brian Westover
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