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Samsung's SleepSense Turns Your TV Off Automatically

BERLIN – SleepSense is a new gadget that monitors your sleep patterns at a very granular level and doesn't require you to wear a sensor. But it's how this device talks to other smart  appliances that make it really stand out. Hint: you may never have to use the Sleep timer on your TV again.

The SleepSense is a small white disc that users slip between a mattress and a box spring. By monitoring how a sleeper behaves throughout the night, Samsung claims that the device can measure heart rate, respiration and movement with 97 percent accuracy. It then sends a report to a user's smartphone in the morning to display how long and how well he or she slept.

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So far, the SleepSense doesn't sound so different from a wearable sleep tracker (albeit slightly more comfortable), but Samsung's big theoretical innovation is how it can connect with other devices. In a completely connected home, a SleepSense could turn on your air conditioner if you get too hot during the night, switch off your TV if you fall asleep mid-movie, open the curtains when you wake up and even turn on a coffee maker when it's time to get out of bed.

By tying your smart home appliances to your biological processes and patterns, Samsung could theoretically streamline a user's daily routine.

There is a medical component to the device as well. Should a user get poor sleep over a long period of time, the device will provide medically sanctioned advice in order to recommend how they can improve their habits. Should a user also exhibit drastically unusual patterns in his or her sleep, the device can also contact family members or medical assistance.

While I didn't get to try the device firsthand (although the jet lag made it tempting), it seems like the SleepSense could function not only as a sleep tracker, but as a hub for upcoming Samsung IoT devices. The peripheral has no set price or release date yet.