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Samsung on Note 7 China Fire: Don't Blame Us

Reports of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 exploding in China surfaced yesterday (Sept. 20), but the company is denying that the battery problems that has plagued phones in the United States has anything to do with it. According to a report from Reuters, Samsung claims that the fires were due to "external heating."

What that external heating was caused by, Samsung didn't say. Battery maker Amperex Technology Limited, which had its battery in at least one of the phones, agreed.

"According to the burn marks on the sample, we surmise that the source of the heating comes from outside the battery, and it's very likely that there was an external factor causing the heating problem," ATL said in a statement.

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An anonymous source "familiar with the matter" told Reuters that Samsung suspects that the external heat could have been from an induction oven or a fan heater.

In the United States, Samsung is in the middle of a complete recall of its phones, which have made the news for exploding and have been banned from flights. A report from Bloomberg over the weekend suggested that the issue occurred because the company was rushing to beat a minor iPhone upgrade to market.