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Gear S2 Watch Lets You Use Same Number as Phone

One of the frustrations of using a smartwatch is having to bring your phone with you. AT&T subscribers that buy the 3G-enabled Gear S2 can forget about that problem, because the wearable lets you leave your handset behind but still use your existing number on the watch.

Starting today, existing AT&T customers can set up AT&T's NumberSync feature with a software update. And to spur others to pick up the watch, AT&T dropped $100 off the Gear S2's price, making it $99.99 with a two-year agreement if you buy it before Jan. 31 2016.

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With NumberSync on the Gear S2, wearers will be able to send and receive texts and calls on the watch without depending on a Bluetooth connection to your phone. It will work even if your smartphone is off. Data charges still apply to texts sent and received on the wearable.

Samsung's Gear S2 runs the company's own Tizen operating system, and features a rotating bezel that you turn to navigate the watch's interface. We liked its sturdy build, solid fitness features and excellent message handling, but found the lack of apps restricting. However, today's news and price drop could convince those on the fence to pick up Samsung's wearable.

Cherlynn Low

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