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Gorgeous Galaxy S9 Could Look Like This

Samsung's Galaxy S9 is still months away, but that hasn't stopped some of the rumor mongers from offering up some new designs and details.

Credit: Benjamin Geskin

(Image credit: Benjamin Geskin)

Designer Benjamin Geskin has released new renders of what he believes the Galaxy S9 might look like when it finds its way to store shelves next year. The render, which was earlier reported on by Forbes, features a device with a curved screen that nearly entirely covers its face. On the front, you'll notice that the bezels at the top and bottom have been slimmed down, following rumors that Samsung wants to get as far away from big bezels as possible.

That said, the top bezel in the Geskin render is still on the chunky side. It's believed that, like Apple, Samsung needs to keep a larger bezel at the top to accommodate components like the front-facing camera and earpiece. However, some reports have said that Samsung could opt for a notch design to match the iPhone X.

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The biggest change, though, appears to be poised for the back of the Galaxy S9. In fact, a person who goes by the name Ice Universe said that the back of the Galaxy S9 will charge "a lot." Ice Universe didn't provide any more insight into those changes, but a rearrangement of the rear components seems likely.

Given that, Geskin delivered a render that shows those changes all around.

First up, you'll notice that the render displays dual rear-facing cameras that are vertically aligned like the iPhone X. There's also a rear flash and the physical fingerprint sensor below the flash sits in the middle of the rear panel. That would making the reader much easier to reach than the one in the Galaxy S8, which is stationed at the top of the rear panel next to the camera.

The choice is notable, as the latest Galaxy S9 rumors point to the flagship not coming with a virtual fingerprint sensor baked into the display. Instead, Samsung is planning a physical sensor in the device, if it bundles a sensor at all.

In addition to packing dual rear cameras, the Galaxy S9 is expected to be powered by Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 845 processor. Samsung will likely announce the smartphone in February or March.