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Samsung Galaxy S4 User Guide

Make the Ringer Volume Louder

No matter how loud your phone’s ringer is, chances are if you put it in your pocket or purse the sound is going to be muffled enough to cause you to miss a call or two. Fortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S4 gives users the ability to increase the ringer’s volume when the phone is in their pockets or bags. To enable this feature: — Daniel P. Howley

  1. Open the Settings menu and navigate to the My Device tab.
  2. Select the Call tab and check the box next to the Increase Volume In Pocket option. The next time your phone rings in your pocket, you should be able to hear it without issue.
  • watsoningley2
    I don't know what S4 this is for but it certainly isn't mine
  • Eric Rabnud
    This root guide is no longer valid. The file has been removed from the server. Besides, there are lots of other root guides out there.