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Some Galaxy S10 Units Showing Less RAM Than Expected

Samsung has said that it will deliver 8GB of RAM in its upcoming Galaxy S10. But a new report suggests that might not always be the case.

Credit: Samsung

(Image credit: Samsung)

According to a report from Android Police, some Samsung devices, as well as the company's website, are showing issues with the amount of RAM expected in the Galaxy S10. On the company's website earlier on Friday (Feb. 22), Samsung was showing 6GB of RAM for both Galaxy S10 models. The 128GB Galaxy S10+ offering was also listed with 6GB of RAM. 

The problem, of course, is that all of those models are supposed to ship with 8GB of RAM. 

It gets worse. Over at Reddit, some people are also posting images of display models of the Galaxy S10. One of those images, which was published to Reddit by user Curly_umbrella, shows 6GB of RAM in the handset's software.

So, what gives? 

Android Police reached out to Samsung, which said that it will be fixing the website listings that show 6GB of RAM instead of 8GB. The company was quick to note both at its Galaxy S10 unveiling earlier this week and since then that its Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ will ship with at least 8GB of RAM.

We received a review unit of the Galaxy S10+, which is displaying the correct 8GB of RAM. The website issue, it appears, was a mistake.

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But that doesn't explain why there are Galaxy S10 models in the wild that show 6GB of RAM in their software. And for now, it's unclear whether the issue is a software glitch or if some of the models are shipping with 6GB of RAM.

The Galaxy S10 won't be launching until next month, which should give the company time to figure out if any of its devices have the wrong amount of RAM in them. It's also possible that the display models, which won't be offered for sale, ship with less (and cheaper) RAM while Samsung's manufacturing partners work on assembling models.

Samsung's Galaxy S10 lineup comes in four versions — Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and the Galaxy S10 5G. The first three versions will ship next month. The 5G model will be available later this year.

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