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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: What Each Carrier Will Cost You

The wait for Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge is almost over. The head-turning smartphone hits U.S. stores on Nov. 14, giving phablet fans the chance to finally utilize the array of second-screen functions made possible by its uniquely curved 5.6-inch display. This one-of-a-kind smartphone falls on the pricey side, but, as with any handset, you can get a good deal by picking the right plan and carrier. Here's how much the Note Edge costs on each of the big four networks.


As with any T-Mobile phone, the Note Edge isn't sold with a traditional two-year contract. Instead, the Un-carrier offers the handset for $0 down with 24 monthly payments of $36.25. That totals up to $870 over the span of 24 months.

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You can get the Edge for $0 down on Sprint's Easy Pay plan, which will run you $35 a month for 24 months. You'll have paid $840 after two years, which is $30 cheaper than the total cost of buying the phone on T-Mobile's monthly plan.

Sprint has yet to announce how much the Edge will cost on a two-year contract, but we expect the phone to carry the same $400 on-contract price tag as the AT&T version.


AT&T gives you the most options when it comes to choosing how to pay for your Note edge, starting with the carrier's AT&T Next early upgrade plan. The Edge will run you 20 installments of $47.30 per month on the Next 12 plan, while the Next 18 plan consists of 24 installments of $39.42 per month (both plans have a $0 down payment).

While the Edge costs a whopping $945 when you add up each plan (or if you buy it contract-free), Next is designed to let you jump between phones quickly. You can upgrade to something else after 12 installments ($567.60) on the Next 12 plan, and, you guessed it, 18 installments ($709.56) on the Next 18 plan.

If you want to pick up the Note Edge with a standard two-year service contract, you'll be paying $400 upfront.

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Verizon has yet to announce its official pricing for the Galaxy Note Edge, but details should be right around the corner. Verizon typically offers both a standard two-year contract as well as Verizon Edge, an early upgrade plan that allows users to switch to a new device once they have paid off at least 75 percent of their current device. We'll update this story as soon as Verizon's Note Edge pricing becomes available.

Bottom Line

On top of deciding whether or not you want to pay for the Note Edge upfront, on a contract, or via an early upgrade plan, it's worth doing a bit of research on which carriers offer the right amount of data and talk time for your lifestyle. If you're on a bill with friends and family members, you can check out our detailed breakdown on how the family plans of AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint all stack up.

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