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Samsung Is One Step Closer to a True All-Screen Phone

Samsung has been inching its way towards a true full-screen phone for quite some time. And according to a new report, it might actually be closer to delivering it than some think.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

In South Korea on Monday (May 6), some media outlets are reporting that Samsung is working on a new device that features a "perfect full screen." Those reports, which were earlier cited by MyDrivers, suggest that Samsung is working on a device that would bake the front-facing camera into the screen and make it hidden from view until it's in use. The feature would be similar to the in-display fingerprint sensor Samsung debuted in the Galaxy S10.

Getting to a true full-screen smartphone is no small task. Samsung has gotten close to it with its Galaxy S10 lineup of devices, which feature small punch holes in the screens that house the front-facing camera. OnePlus, a top Samsung competitor, is said to be prepping a new flagship, called the OnePlus 7 Pro , that will reportedly offer a pop-up selfie camera to create a full-screen effect.

Other companies, like Apple and Google, among others, have stubbornly stuck to a notch design that leaves an unsightly black area at the top of the screen. That's enough to reduce bezel sizes, but not nearly enough to get close to a true full-screen phone design.

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According to the report, Samsung's device be able to ditch the hole and notch and not use a pop-up selfie camera. Instead, the company would somehow get the front-facing camera lens inside the screen. We've never seen such a feature in action, so it's impossible to say whether it's something that would work well.

It's also worth noting that Samsung reportedly had lots of issues trying to get the in-screen fingerprint sensor working and took a couple of years to get it right before it made its way to the Galaxy S10. It's unclear whether Samsung would face the same problems this time around.

According to the reports, however, Samsung isn't rushing to get the phone to store shelves. At best, we could see it next year in a Galaxy S11, but if things don't go well, it could be pushed out even further.