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Major Details Leak on Samsung's Bixby Speaker

Samsung has already acknowledged that it's working on a smart speaker to compete with Apple's HomePod and Amazon's Echo. And now, some details have emerged.

Credit: Samsung

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung has codenamed its Bixby smart speaker Luxy, SamMobile is reporting, citing sources. The site said that the name refers in part to the possibility of a touchscreen coming to the smart speaker that will allow you to zoom in on items, scroll through lists, and more. The speaker could come with support for a full slate of multitouch gestures, according the report.

Aside from that, Samsung's Bixby speaker is expected to ask users which music service they prefer when they break it out of the box. Once you pick your favorite, you'll be able to quickly tell the smart assistant which song you want to play and the track will be streamed over that service. In addition to multi-room audio support, Samsung is also planning a directional audio feature that will let you decide whether the sound should be beamed to the left, right, or center.

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When you leave the room, Samsung's speaker will apparently be able to recognize that and will adapt its functionality accordingly. For instance, if it knows you've walked out of the room, it might turn off its audio.

But beyond sound, Samsung's smart speaker will have a boatload of smart technologies, according to SamMobile's sources.

You'll be able to activate the speaker by saying "Hi, Bixby," and you'll be able to do everything from turning on music to calling for an Uber car. Better yet, you can lock the speaker to only respond to your commands, so if friends want to place orders on your behalf or be jokesters, Bixby won't allow it, according to the report.

Bixby will reportedly support hands-free calling, so you can ask the virtual assistant to place a call and you can have your call without ever picking up your phone.

According to the report, Samsung hasn't yet finalized the name for its device and Bixby Speaker may or may not be what the company goes with. Additionally, Samsung hasn't yet divulged a release date, and SamMobile's sources didn't know when it might launch.

But judging by the sound of things, the Bixby Speaker might be one to watch when it finally hits store shelves.