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Rufus Cuff is a Literal Smartphone on Your Wrist

While many smartwatches aim to be every bit as sleek and stylish as a premium wristwatch, the Rufus Cuff has no problem letting you know that it's a giant smartphone slapped on to your wrist. This insane-looking wearable has just met its $200,000 crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo, meaning you'll definitely be able to don a 3-inch screen on your wrist this fall for $269.

Dubbed as a "wrist communicator" by its creators, the Rufus Cuff connects to your iPhone or Android device and lets you make calls, check e-mail, play music and send messages without reaching in your pocket for your handset. The device clings to your wrist with a wide rubber strap, which supports the Rufus Cuff's striking 3.11 x 2.13 x 0.43-inch body.

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The Rufus Cuff's 3-inch display allows you to do things that you can't on most smartwatches, like make video calls. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled accessory works as a remote camera trigger for group shots, and will let you know if you've left the house without your phone.

According to Rufus Labs, the wearable will be compatible with both Siri and Google Now, depending on your smartphone of choice. The device is built to be water-resistant, and its accelerometer and gyroscope will allow you to utilize fitness tracking apps.

The folks behind Rufus Cuff say that you'll be able to use the communicator with a host of Bluetooth-enabled products, such as Bluetooth Smart Locks for doors and Nest home automation systems. If you've got a Wi-Fi connection, the Rufus Cuff can operate on its own as a fully-functional Android Kit Kat device. However, Rufus Labs has made no mention of using Google's unified Android Wear OS for wearables.

Rufus Labs has extended its crowdfunding campaign until May 17, giving you more time to pre-order this one-of-a-kind wearable for $269. Early adopters will have a choice between a black or white communicator, with green, yellow, blue, red, violet and orange wristbands available. Orders are expected to ship in September of this year. 

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