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Drone Rides Shotgun on This Self-Driving Sports Car

That “H” that you see on the back of the Ʃtos doesn’t stand for Honda, it’s for Helipad. That’s because this self-driving sporty concept comes with its own drone — and that’s not even its wildest feature.

Rinspeed, well-known for its crazy pie-in-the-sky ideas, has one-upped itself with its latest future-forward concept, the Ʃtos. The car features a steering wheel that folds into the dashboard when cruising on auto-pilot, but when you want to control the car yourself, the wheel will come back out to offer a traditional racing experience.

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Rinspeed says that drone on back could be used for deliveries or documenting your drive via an onboard camera. The Ʃtos also features Harman Connected Car technologies to offer a digital personal assistant, which Rinspeed says should be able to maximize the comfort, entertainment and safety of everyone aboard.

Speaking of entertainment, a render of what's inside the Ʃtos shows two massive screens, one for each front passenger, which can be moved and positioned individually to maximize viewability.

On the outside, the Ʃtos features eight HD cameras positioned across the body of the car, which provide a 180-degree field of view to passengers in the front and act as exterior "mirrors" to those in the back. Displays mounted inside can also display points of interest, rendered using realistic 3D models, so that you see things such as trees, bus stops and way points at a glance. 

While there’s no info on pricing or the kind of engine powering this concept, Rinspeed says the Ʃtos will made an appearance at CES 2016 in early January.  So check back in with Tom’s Guide in early January to see how Rinspeed takes it concept from sketches to the CES showfloor.

Sam is a senior reporter at Gizmodo, formerly Tom's Guide and Laptop Mag. Was an archery instructor and a penguin trainer before that.

  • TechyInAZ
    I like the fact that it has a built in drone, pretty cool! It would be useful if your in traffic and you want to get a birds eye view on what traffic accident is holding you up.