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Ring's New Smart Lights Brighten the Dark Corners of Your Home

Looking to complement its security camera offerings, Ring is releasing a suite of outdoor smart lights, starting at $18, which can help brighten darker areas around your home, and allow its cameras to better capture who's approaching. 

  • Ring Floodlight Wired ($69.99) - A 2000-lumen light that mounts to an existing electrical box.
  • Ring Floodlight Battery ($49.99) - Wireless; has a 600-lumen brightness.
  • Ring Spotlight ($39.99) - Battery-powered; motion-activated.
  • Ring Pathlight ($29.99) - Battery-powered light for walkways, driveways and other high-traffic areas. 
  • Ring Steplight ($17.99) - Battery-powered  safety light that can illuminate stairs, decks and porches.

In addition, Ring is also releasing the Ring Bridge ($49.99), which can connect all your Ring products together, so that when one device detects motion, it can activate all of your other devices. 

Each of the wireless lights run on regular batteries; depending on the light, that could mean 3 AAA batteries, 4 D batteries, or 3 C batteries, which should last about one year with normal use. 

While some of the motion-activated lights — such as the Pathlight — should be a nice complement to Ring's existing outdoor cameras, others, such as the Wired Floodlight, feel a little redundant given that Ring already sells the $249 Floodlight Cam and $199 Spotlight Cam. These devices include lights and motion detectors in addition to security cameras.

However, Ring's new lights may make more sense for consumers who have Ring's battery-operated Stick Up Cam ($179) or video doorbells, which lack any additional lighting features.