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PS4 vs. Xbox One (2013): Which Console Wins?

Kinect 2 vs PlayStation Camera

The Kinect 2 upgrades the original camera to 1080p from VGA. There’s also a IR camera, giving the device night vision. The camera boasts a better field of view, allowing it to function well in large and small spaces. The Kinect 2’s camera can also take your pulse and heart rate with a simple body scan. The PlayStation camera, by comparison, consists of a pair of 720p cameras with four integrated microphones.

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The Xbox responds to more than 39 commands; the Kinect 2 was good enough to pick up our voice in a crowded room, but was a little too sensitive for our liking.You can also use hand gestures to control the Xbox, but tracking our arm movements hit or miss, and quickly led to arm fatigue.

The Kinect 2 is at its best when performing face recognition, immediately switching from one user’s account to another’s as soon as the new player picks up the controller. The PS camera’s face recognition abilities are almost as responsive. However, we found we continually had to hold the DualShock 4 controller level with the camera for a proper scan.

Winner: Xbox One

Although the PlayStation Camera is a big improvement from the PlayStation Eye, it’s no match for the Kinect 2. Microsoft’s device offers better specs and a larger feature set, including gesture controls, a larger voice command list and the ability to perform biometric scans.

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