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PS4 vs. Xbox One (2013): Which Console Wins?


The PS4 is priced at $399, compared to $499 for the Xbox One. Each system comes packaged with one controller, a headset, a power cord and a HDMI cable. The One’s launch day bundle also includes the Kinect 2. PS4 owners can purchase the PS4 Camera for an additional $59.99, which brings the console’s total to $458.99. That’s $42 less than the Xbox One.

An additional controller for each system will set you back $59.99, but even with the extra cost, the PS4 still comes out ahead in terms of pricing.

Winner: PS4

Even when you add in the cost of its camera, the PS4 is still less expensive than the Xbox One, making it the more attractive option for shoppers looking to get in on the next-gen era for a cheaper price.

Sherri L. Smith

Sherri L. Smith has been cranking out product reviews for since 2011. In that time, she's reviewed more than her share of laptops, tablets, smartphones and everything in between. The resident gamer and audio junkie, Sherri was previously a managing editor for Black Web 2.0 and contributed to BET.Com and Popgadget.