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A New Frontier: Pornhub Launches VR Channel

Virtual reality is about to get decidedly more adult. Pornhub, one of the largest pornography websites, has launched a new channel dedicated to delivering free VR porn ahead of the Oculus Rift launch. However, the new content is also optimized for mobile headsets such as the Gear VR and Google Cardboard

Partnering with VR content creator, BaDoinkVR, Pornhub VR videos will be available in either 180 or 360 degrees -- just in case you want to experience a truly immersive experience. Looking for some virtual titillation but don't own a headset? Pornhub is planning to give away 10,000 Cardboard headsets to accommodate your curiosity while seeding a burgeoning field.

It's another shrewd move for the company, which has in the past has awarded a $25,000 scholarship to a needy student and entered into a partnership for an app-controlled set of twerking buttocks. Pornography has helped to solidify a number of technologies, including VHS tapes and Blu-Ray. Virtual reality adds a level of depth that was previously unimagined by fans of adult entertainment.

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Now, instead of being passive spectators in a static scene, VR changes the perspective, allowing the viewer to become an active participant. If paired with the growing market of interactive devices designed for personal pleasure and VR social apps, sites like Pornhub could potentially usher in a new way to express human sexuality.

But for now, it's a fun and potentially pleasurable way to get acquainted with the new tech on the block.

Sherri L. Smith

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