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Time to Hunt: Pokemon Go Coming to Apple Watch

The Pokemon Go craze may have come and gone, but you can't deny the popularity of a game that sucked in more unique users than Twitter in less than a month. To help keep the trainers going, Apple plans to bring a new Pokemon Go app to the Apple Watch.

The new Apple Watch companion app functions a bit like Nintendo's Pokemon Go Plus bracelet accessory, but adds even more features including the ability to swipe PokeStops directly on the watch, a built-in step counter that works with the Health app, alerts for nearby Pokemon and more.

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In fact, the app looks to have enough features that Pokemon Go players may be be able to leave their phone in the pocket during a full day of hunting.

Trainers will be greeted with a background featuring their team's logo, and a step counter and distance tracker. When you walk by a nearby Pokemon, you will get an alert showing which Pokemon it is. You can even throw a Pokeball at it by tapping directly on the Apple Watch.

And if you walk long enough to hatch an egg, you will be able to see it pop out of its shell right on the watch.

While Apple still hasn't mentioned when the Pokemon Go companion app will be available — though it will ship before the end of year — this app should help keep a few trainers going on their quest to be the very best.