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Pebble Smartwatches Get Android Wear Apps

Pebble's line of smartwatches already has more than 4,000 apps and watchfaces available in its own store, but there's something to be said for Android compatibility. Thanks to the new Pebble 2.3 update, Pebble can run just about any Android Wear app — although some apps work better than others, due to hardware limitations.

Android Authority shared the news about the update, which went live on Feb. 16. Hardcore Pebble enthusiasts have known that Android Wear compatibility was coming for a few months, since it was available in the beta version of the 2.3 software.

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Getting a Pebble smartwatch to run Android Wear apps is a two-step process, but for most users, it should happen automatically. Simply update the Pebble watch to the most current firmware version (this happens on its own as long as the watch is connected to Wi-Fi), then update the Android app in Google Play.

After that, you can download Android Wear-optimized apps from Google Play and use them on your Pebble watch. Just keep in mind that Pebble watches lack speakers and microphones, so Android Wear apps that incorporate sound features won't work fully on Pebble devices.

Tom's Guide generally likes Pebble watches, and the addition of a whole roster of new apps can only be a good thing. However, given that Pebble's CEO has promised an entirely new platform and new hardware for 2015, we'd advise smartwatch shoppers to be patient.

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