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New OnePlus 5 Rumor Could Be Dealbreaker

Two separate reports surrounding the OnePlus 5 surfaced late on Wednesday (May 17), and one of them will make you wonder whether it's worth the hype.

Credit: Android Authority

(Image credit: Android Authority)

First up, Android Authority revealed that OnePlus is planning to release the OnePlus 5 for $650. While that's still $100 cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S8, arguably its chief competitor, it's substantially higher than the $450 to $500 price tag OnePlus was expected to sell the device for.

According to the source, OnePlus has decided to boost the price in order to show parity with other high-end devices. It fears, according to the source, that if it sells the device for too cheap a price, consumers will think it's inferior to other high-end handsets.

Whether that will annoy or turn away customers remains to be seen.

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OnePlus is expected to deliver the OnePlus 5 this summer. The smartphone will likely run the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and could pack 8GB RAM, which would be twice what the S8 offers.

In addition, the OnePlus 5 will likely offer a dual camera, which is one of the biggest missing features of the Galaxy S8. It's not clear how the OnePlus 5 would leverage the additional lens, but it could be a telephoto shooter for offering optical zoom, similar to the iPhone 7 Plus.

The folks over at Android Authority published also published images of what they say is the OnePlus 5. The device in the image shows a grey-colored device with a rounded curve on the back. Perhaps most importantly, it shows a vertically aligned dual-lens camera.

Rumors have been swirling for weeks that OnePlus is planning a dual-lens camera for the OnePlus 5. However, there have been some reports -- and leaks -- that suggest the handset will come with a horizontally aligned camera. Android Authority was quick to note that the leaked image is likely a prototype and not the final device, however, so it's possible OnePlus has indeed moved to a horizontal layout.

In addition to the image, Android Authority obtained a sketch, allegedly drawn by OnePlus, that shows the concept for the OnePlus 5. Like the image, the sketch shows a handset with a vertically aligned rear-facing camera.

Since we can't see the front of the handset, it's impossible to know how big the screen is and whether it will indeed keep a physical home button that would sit beneath the display.

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