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OnePlus 2 Sales Delayed: Should You Still Buy?

The wait for one of the most anticipated smartphones on the market might be over, but it may not have been worth it. After repeated delays in production, OnePlus said it's finally started shipping the OnePlus 2 "in meaningful quantities," a month later than it promised. That means that fans have been waiting weeks since the OnePlus 2's July launch to get their hands on the phone.

OnePlus chief executive Carl Pei apologized on the company's forums for the delay, acknowledging that it had "messed up." Addressing customers, partners and his own teammates, Pei said the delay has not only shortened the product life cycle, but also caused "huge reputational damage" to the company. "We've given a month to competing products to catch up," he wrote.

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In that month, companies such as Samsung, Apple and Motorola have all debuted new smartphones, such as the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, iPhone 6s, and the Moto X Pure. Those waiting for a new phone now have more options than before. Given all the delays, should you still get the OnePlus 2?

If waiting a longer time to save some extra bucks is fine by you, then by all means order a OnePlus 2. Your phone might take weeks to get to you, but at least you'll get a premium, speedy Android smartphone at a starting price of just $329 unlocked.

But if time is of the essence and you can't live with your aging handset any longer, you shouldn't wait around on OnePlus. The new Samsungs are excellent options for Android lovers, and offer best-in-class performance, superior cameras and stunning displays. Those who want a new phone but don't want to shell out hundreds of dollars can also consider the new Moto G (2015), which offers a long-lasting battery, solid performance and helpful software for less than $200.

Pei also said that the company has been discussing how to make it up to fans, and one of its "best ideas" is to open up the sales for an hour some time in September or October. This will let potential buyers get the OnePlus 2 without an invite. The method is nothing new for OnePlus, as the company has held frequent flash sales in the past year for the OnePlus One. However, it's still an idea at the moment, and the company hasn't announced finalized details on that potential flash sale, so you could still be waiting around for weeks before it happens.