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This Gadget Turns Your Xbox One S Into a Charging Station

Every Xbox One owner knows that charging and replacing batteries for the controllers is a royal pain — but maybe it doesn’t have to be. Now that accessory maker Nyko given PS4 owners easy ways to recharge their controllers and expand their hard drive, the company has set its sights on the Xbox One and Xbox One S.

I checked out Nyko’s latest offerings during CES 2017 in Las Vegas, and it’s exactly the kind of technology that quietly gets things done while other gadgets flash and posture without really accomplishing much. The Xbox One Battery Block charges batteries for controllers just about anywhere in your home; the slightly more expensive Modular Charge Station for Xbox One S does the same thing, but sits on top of an Xbox One S and looks like part of the console.

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The Battery Block is the simpler product of the two and retails for $25. You get the charging block itself, which can charge two batteries simultaneously, as well as one 1200-mAh controller battery. You can plug it into a wall or USB outlet, and it will notify you with red and green lights when the batteries are charging and when they’re complete. This way, you can swap out batteries as soon as one dies and continue your game posthaste.

The Modular Charge Station S costs $30, but nets you two rechargeable battery packs, which pretty much justifies the cost right off the bat. This charging station sits on top of your Xbox One S console and lets you drop entire controllers in rather than just battery packs. The station can charge two controllers at once, and seems ideal for when the system is not otherwise in use.

Xbox gamers know all too well that the Xbox One controller is one of the few peripherals on the market that uses AA batteries by default rather than rechargeable packs. The new Nyko peripherals help address a recurring annoyance in a fairly straightforward and stylish fashion.