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New Nubia Foldable Phone Is a Camera Watch, Comes Out In Two Weeks

It seems that everyone is releasing a foldable screen phone. Nubia, too — but it doesn’t believe a foldable should be a phone that turns into a tablet, but a phone that is a watch. We will finally know what it looks like at Mobile World Congress 2019.

Credit: Nubia

(Image credit: Nubia)

There was a tease posted by Nubia’s CEO Ni Fei, but now the company has set an official date and time, according to a report from PocketNow: February 25 at 6:00pm.

Credit: Nubia/Pocketnow

(Image credit: Nubia/Pocketnow)

There are not many details about this wearable phone, first teased last fall at the IFA electronics fair on Berlin, Germany.

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Nubia has said that its intention is to make a real phone that wraps around your wrist, with a camera and a long flexible OLED strip that apparently features a sliding interface:

The Apple Watch Series 4 with LTE connectivity can make calls and send messages just like a phone. Coupled with AirPods, the watch can almost replace a phone except for the lack of camera and lower battery life.

But while the phone part of the Apple Watch seems like an afterthought, Nubia — which is known for thinking out of the box and taking risks — seems to be going all in with the idea of making a phone into something that you can comfortably wear it at all time on your wrist, camera included.

It will be interesting to see how this 80s-Casio-looking phonewatch works in real life. We will discover it in Barcelona, Spain, in less than two weeks