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Wii Shortages Finally Over, Says GameStop

Since its released during the holiday season of 2006, the Nintendo Wii has been a constant sell-out item. Now, more than two years later, supply is finally catching up to demand.

Speaking to Gamasutra, GameStop SVP of Merchandising Bob McKenzie told the website that it finally had enough merchandise to keep shelves stocked.

“You know, three years later, we finally have enough inventory on the shelf, and we've got a couple of weeks in supply of this,” he said. “That's good because we can finally determine and gauge it before we get into the fourth holiday season.”

Even amidst the recession, Nintendo products continue to sell strongly. Nintendo led all retail sales in February 2009 with 753,000 Wii consoles and 588,000 DS Lites sold. With all the Wiis sold, it’s not surprising to see that the top selling single SKU was Wii Fit, moving 644,000 units.

McKenzie said regarding Wii Fit’s popularity, “we weren't sure if that was really gonna be successful or not, and to be honest I don't think Nintendo really knew how successful that would be.”

So far, however, Nintendo has had great success this generation. So much success that, while both Sony and Microsoft have had to cut the prices on its offerings, McKenzie doesn’t believe Nintendo needs to do anything on the Wii’s price at $249.

“I don't think they need to make the price move down either, on the Wii,” he added. “I think finally we've gotten to the point where we're going to be able to get a real good run rate on this thing.”

So for all of you who have been looking for a Wii over the past 29 months, this could finally be your time.

Marcus Yam is a technology evangelist for Intel Corporation, having previously been an executive editor for Tom's Guide and Tom's Hardware.

  • megamanx00
    hah cool. Maybe I'll pick one up next month
  • Pulled the trigger last Friday (refused to pay a package premium or scramble around town looking for one before). I went for the Wii (over a 360/PS3) as much due to the fact that I already have a GC and 10+ titles (that I still play) for it and the Wii is really just a supped-up GC with the Wi-Fi and motion controls as a bonus. I do most of my serious gaming on my PC.
  • smlong
    I have had a Wii since they came out. It's quite dull and the games stink.
  • hotroderx
    smlongI have had a Wii since they came out. It's quite dull and the games stink.Think he said it all great for casual gamer :( but Nintendo needs to Produce better games
  • tayb
    "Shortage." I guess when you decide to finally stop artificially increasing demand by not shipping enough product the "shortages" will be over. I saw three stacks of 15 consoles at Best Buy while I was browsing for product to buy from Amazon.

    I have a Wii. Someone gave me Wii Fit for Christmas. Don't understand the appeal. When I have friends over we play some of the random "games" but besides that the Wii Fit, and the Wii, sit idle doing absolutely nothing. I still can't understand the Wii craze or the craze for these seemingly crappy games. If it wasn't for the Christmas holiday I wouldn't have any of this Wii crap.
  • mdillenbeck
    My thoughts were quite different than tayb's. My first reaction was "gee, all it took was a global economic downturn to slow down Wii sales."

    However, like others here I refused to buy the "premium packages". I've gone without so long, I don't even really think about a Wii anymore. Now I read more books - got tons of those since my wife's addicted to reading.
  • eddieroolz
    I had two summers of Wii - every single day, for 9 hours a day. Babysitting little kids suck if all they do is Wii.

    I find it pretty lame. The only good games are from Nintendo, and we know how conservative they are.

    In the end, I'll gladly take a PS3 or Xbox 360 over a Wii.
  • i_hate_flying
    You can have my Wii, it sucks. Shortage solved.
  • @i_hate_flying

    I agree, after I beat Mario Galaxy and bought a 360, my wii has just been collecting dust... for two years! Seriously haven't turned it on in two years!
  • Darkk
    I too wanted the Wii but the games for it aren't that great. So I'm sticking with my PS3. Maybe pick up the new 360.