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The Mac Pro Will Be Reborn in 2018

If you've been holding your breath for a new version of the Mac Pro, your prayers will be answered — by next year, that is.

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At a small roundtable discussion in Cupertino this month, Apple execs Phil Schiller, Craig Federighi and John Ternus spoke with a group of journalists about the roadmap for various Apple products. While the meeting wasn't put together to unveil a specific product, Apple let slip that it's working on a re-imagined version of its Mac Pro desktop in order to answer the demands of its most hardcore power users.

"We're in the process of completely rethinking the Mac Pro," Schiller told Mashable. Apple noted that while the current Mac Pro introduced a compact, quiet and thermal-friendly design, it also turned off certain customers who needed more customization and power.

The company noticed that many Pro users migrated to iMac all-in-ones, which helped Apple get a sense of what those users wanted out of a desktop. Naturally, Apple's execs didn't say a ton about the new Mac Pro, simply telling Mashable that the PC will "speak to a wider set of users and be configurable" and that it will likely be out around 2018.

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Speaking of the iMac, fans of Apple's all-in-ones can look forward to more powerful configurations of the desktop later this year.

"We're going to begin making configurations of iMac specifically with the pro customer in mind," Schiller told Buzzfeed.

If you don't feel like waiting until next year for the reimagined Mac Pro, you'll be able to buy beefed-up versions of the current cylindrical model. According to Mashable, the starting $2,999 model will now feature a six-core Xeon processor (up from four) and dual Fire Pro D500 graphics cards, up from the D300s in older models. Stepping up to the $3,999 configuration will get you an 8-core CPU and dual D700 graphics cards.

Source: Mashable, Buzzfeed