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Google Improves Photos App with Better Ways to Share

Google launched Photos just two years ago, and in that time the app-based has grown to over 500 million daily users and more than 1 billion photos uploaded everyday. But Google plans to add three sweet new features to the Photo app that should make it easier to share your photos with other people

Suggested Sharing

We all shoot way more photos than we actually share, and that's a shame, because among the thousands of pics that everyone's hoarding are a couple gems that deserve some time to shine.

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The new Suggested Sharing feature on Google Photos could change that. With Suggested Sharing, the app will automatically select a number of pics and ask you if you want to share them with people that helped create them and who might be interested in checking them out. For example, Suggested Sharing would suggest that pictures of that trip to the beach might be shared with the other people who joined you on that trip.

Shared photos will automatically appear in a new section of the Photos app. From there, they can be downloaded to the other person's device or added to Shared Libraries, another new feature in Google Photos.

Shared Libraries

With all the people who will be now sharing photos with you, Google also wanted to provide you with a new way to store them too.

Shared Libraries can be grouped among any number of users, or suggested based on your closest friends and family.

Say one parent takes a picture of their children. That photo will automatically be shared with the other parent. And because Google's algorithm is theoretically smart enough to analyze the content of a photos, it won't share things like the picture of the sandwich you had for lunch or that time you spilled coffee on your shirt.

Photo Books

Google knows that sending photos over the internet isn't always the best way to share a pic. So with the new Photo Books feature, you can select a range of photos, let Google select the best shots, from that set, turn those shots into a real photo album, and send all of that to your house for $9.99.

Now, the photos you have stored on your phone or in the cloud can be turned into a lasting keepsake you have look at everyday.

Photo Books are available on the desktop version of Photos today, and coming to Android and iOS sometime in the next two weeks.

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