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Metal Gear Survive Review Roundup: A Lifeless Corpse

Metal Gear Survive sure doesn't look like part of the series proper.

No, Survive (available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC) eschews the series' typical Cold War stealth action and tries another gameplay mechanic: waves and waves of zombies. Does it work? Early reviewers, who are still playing through the game, haven't found all that much to get hyped for.


Writing for IGN, Chloi Rad noticed that the story makes no sense within the greater Metal Gear canon, even with the game's plot taking place in an alternate dimension. Also, at least in the game's first few hours, there are few compelling challenges.

The Good
"The most exciting thing so far was getting lost in a dangerous, unmapped zone called The Dust, which requires an oxygen tank to enter."

The Bad

"Metal Gear is a series built on stealth, but Survive seems to fundamentally misunderstand the circumstances that make fun[.]"

"It’s hard to say at this point what new ideas Survive really has to offer, because so far, it isn’t much."


Destructoid's Chris Carter praised Survive for its exceptional graphics, he found the game to be repetitious and strongly disliked the lack of an offline campaign.

The Good

"[A]llow me to gush for a second on how great it looks."

The Bad
"There's just too much junk and upkeep, and everything becomes a chore from the onset."

"It's riddled with systems that are going to immediately turn folks off. It has consumable "revival pills" and XP boosters. Yeah, it's one of those games."


At Kotaku, Heather Alexandra found that the game's survival aspects have potential, but that the game is bogged down by far too much grinding.

The Good

"It really does feel like a lengthy and unforgiving bout of wilderness survival."

The Bad

"Survive bogs down the player with cutscenes full of generic characters... All of them lack personality and only ever speak to tell me where the next objective is."

"Online matches inflate enemy difficulty to surprisingly high levels, turning a buffed up single player character into a stumbling weakling while online."