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Nintendo Delays Mario Kart Tour to Later in 2019

If you were hoping to play Nintendo's Mario Kart Tour on iOS and Android in March, we have some bad news for you.

Credit: Tom's Guide; Nintendo; Shutterstock

(Image credit: Tom's Guide; Nintendo; Shutterstock)

Nintendo on Thursday (Jan. 31) announced that it will not be launching Mario Kart Tour in March. Instead, the company said that it's been forced to delay the game and will now be launching it in the summer. Nintendo didn't provide an exact time table for its launch and has yet to say whether the game will be available exclusively on the iPhone before it hits Android or whether it'll be available on both platforms at the same time.

Nintendo has long controlled access to its games and platforms and kept them exclusively on its own consoles. However, the company surprised many when it announced plans to bring Super Mario Run to the iPhone in 2016. It was the first time that Mario had been playable on another game platform. In early 2017, Nintendo launched Super Mario Run on Android.

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Since then, Nintendo has promised more for mobile gamers and said that Mario Kart Tour would be coming to mobile. Some in the industry have questioned whether Nintendo would follow the same tack it took with Super Mario Run and make it available to the iPhone first, and then bring it to Android at some point in the future.

Even more of interest, however, is exactly what Nintendo has planned for Mario Kart Tour. The company has been loath to discuss its plans for Mario Kart Tour and there's been no insight into what the game will look like, how it operates, and more. We haven't even seen a screenshot from the game.

Of course, that all makes the company's decision to delay Mario Kart Tour expected. But what that means for the future of the game and whether it'll enjoy the kind of success Super Mario Run had is unknown.

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