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The LG V40 and All its Cameras Are Coming Oct. 3

The new iPhones have been revealed, and soon we'll get our first glimpse of the Pixel 3 and, hopefully, the OnePlus 6T. But lest you forget about any other flagship phones launching before 2018 winds down, LG has just issued invitations to an Oct. 3 event in New York City where it will pull the covers off the LG V40 ThinQ.

The pentagon shape on that teaser appears to hint at a potential five-camera setup for the upcoming phone that was first rumored back in June, involving two lenses in the front for depth-aware facial scanning, and three on the back.

LG has long been desperate to find some way to differentiate its offerings from other phone makers. Last year's V30 was marketed as a media powerhouse, but that never really took root, so now it appears the company is counting on an abundance of lenses to win over hearts and minds instead.

But will five cameras really make the V40 a photography force to be reckoned with? Huawei used a triple-lens setup on the back of the P20 Pro to great effect, but that had just as much to do with the company's clever AI-based software enhancements as it did with the quantity of shooters. Simply slapping more cameras on the V40 alone won't do the trick. And if LG can't deliver a markedly better experience with its next effort, the whole thing will end up looking rather silly.

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Outside of those photography-related rumors, we don't know a ton about the V40. Reports have pointed to a notched design, similar to the G7 ThinQ, but with an OLED screen in place of that handset's super-bright LCD panel. Otherwise, you can expect a bump to Snapdragon 845 power — the AT&T and Project Fi-exclusive V35 ThinQ actually already include that chipset — as well as a quad digital-to-analog audio converter, which LG has made a habit of including in its flagships over the last few years.

Ultimately, there's no reason to expect that the V40 ThinQ will be anything other than a perfectly fine premium smartphone, the likes of which LG has consistently pumped out generation after generation. But "perfectly fine" isn't enough to wow, and after already launching three flagships in 2018 alone, one has to wonder if the company has the capability to deliver a truly compelling handset to customers.