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#Shattergate: LG V20 Camera Glass Reportedly Cracking

In our review of the LG V20, we called it a big-screen beast for content creators, thanks to its dual rear cameras, high-gain microphones and excellent manual controls for photographers. But some early adopters of LG's latest flagship are not happy.

Credit: CheeseDogs4Breakfast/Reddit

(Image credit: CheeseDogs4Breakfast/Reddit)

Multiple LG V20 owners are reporting that the glass that covers the LG V20's camera module is shattering, and Reddit user "xAmorphous" has started a roundup to aggregate the various complaints.

The most troubling aspect of these incidents is that some are claiming that the back of the V20 is cracking on its own. Here's what one owner, CheeseDogs4Breakfast, had to say about his experience:

"Received my V20 today and noticed that the glass on the camera was cracked about 5 hours later. Not sure if it was broken during shipping but I know I haven't dropped the phone.

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Over on sister site Android Central, a user called jb4kats says that the camera lens on her V20 also shattered, claiming that she had a case on the phone since she took it out of the box. She noticed the issue because her photos started to looked washed out.

We've reached out to LG for comment and will update this article when we get a response.

In the meantime, it seems like the #Shattergate is gaining steam on Twitter, with multiple users complaining, including one who says that LG has been silent on the issue.

This news comes at a time that Galaxy Note 7 shoppers are looking for a solid alternative, due to the phone catching on fire and a worldwide recall. Samsung has ceased producing the phone, but the Galaxy S7 Edge remains our top pick because of its design, camera and longer battery life than the V20.